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Passive income from adfly is one of advertising sites that is trusted and has many publisher partners. It’s pop-up ads sometimes disturbs the visitors at first, but now those visitors are waiting for the ads shown when they see pop-up ad from Some sites which advertised at are good and many people wait what next other sites will appear after the pop-up.

You as blogger can join as publisher partners to get passive income from  The revenue sharing is not as big as google adsense but you can get more income when you have many referrals or sell ads to advertiser through your link.

            One of monetizing your blog is to become a publisher. You apply your blog as publisher partner for the advertisers. You can get revenue share from the site that accepts your blog as one of its publishers. One of the advertising methods is pop-up ads. The system is different from pay per click  ( PPC) advertising.

            The development of advertising industries moves fast. Many webmasters create various ads methods and systems. All the effort aims to achieve highest revenue of advertisers. Website owners or bloggers have this opportunity to be publishers where advertisers put on their products or services on blogs or websites.

            It is a new ad method. It is adfly. How does it work? It is a pop up advertising method. The ad appears in few second after a visitor has opened your blog or website.  If you have a website or a blog you can get income to become a publisher for adfly. It is very simple for bloggers or webmasters to earn cash because adfly pays the publishers based on CPM calculation. What is CPM?  It stands for cost per mile. You as a publisher will be paid based on cost per impression. The rate per impression is different.

            If your most traffic source comes from USA you will earn higher CPM rate. It is about 0,001 to 0,005 per mile. How many visitors come to your website or blog?  You can calculate your earnings per month. You can pay out to your paypal account if your earning has reached $4. I think it is not bad to try. You just need to register and put the HTML on your blog or website.
This is a screen short of my earning at it is not high but it gives continues revenue everyday. Your site will also appear at other publishers sometimes. While you are earning passive income, you get free promotion. You do not have to log in to your everyday but you can log once a week or even once a month. You will see your earning and referrals.

Pop-up advertising is the easiest way to earn income even though you will not get high revenue. You still can put your ppc advertising in your blog besides using as your advertiser partner. You don’t have to worry about your blog readers. They still wait and return to your blog if you have good contents and make them better. 

You also still can get revenue when you do not place pop-up ads in your blog. You can refer other to be the publisher or advertiser at to generate revenue from referral system you can write a review about and place your affiliate link in your post so that your readers will be redirected to it is easy and simple you can get passive income from you can also put promotion banner on your sidebar of your blog. You can choose types of banner you like to insert in your blog.

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