sidejob as foreign language teacher

Sidejob as foreign language teacher

            This is a global world. There haven’t been borders to move from one country to other ones. Employment market is widely open.  People from Africa can move to Asian countries and find job there. Because of globalization learning foreign language becomes more necessary than few yeas ago. The most used language is English but learning other languages is needed too. You have to learn Japanese  when you committed to live and work there.
            What foreign language do you speak? Do you speak Chinese, Indonesian, or Russian? When you are good at one of foreign language why you don’t try to teach a private classes as a side job. Being a private language teacher is easy and flexible. You can manage the time as you wish. What you need is to prepare the material to teach so you have enough resources to teach your students. To be a good teacher you have to make a lesson plan and assessment standard. You need to read more teaching method so that you will be easy to deliver the lesson. Knowing the principle of teaching and learning a foreign language is the basic competence you should have. If there is any problem appear you can solve later.
            I have good skill in teaching but I don’t know how to tell my skill to public. This is one of an excuse why you don’t want to take this opportunity to make money. You can put your advertisement on a blog or free website services. Every one can see your offers. It is less cost and easy to manage. Another way to promote your skill is to place ads on free ads services on the internet. You don’t have to manage a site or a blog you just need to manage your account in the free ads site.
            This is one of ideas how to make money on your free time. I am an English teacher an elementary school and I manage a blog to promote private classes offer in my city in Jakarta. My blog is very effective. What about your hometown? I think you’d better try now! Ok. I like to share my experience with you all. Do you?

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  1. Oke sob,, tidak masalah kalau sobat menganggap bisnis tersebut riba, silahkan tinggalkan / tidak usah diurus akun sobat. Lagipula saya tidak berhak memutuskan sesuatu hal itu benar/salah. sukses selalu sob. Yang penting semangat blogging gak hilang, hehehe

    salam kenal dari ane, and terima kasih telah berkunjung dan berkomentar ke blog ane.





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